Art Dick

94 Years of Living and Giving in Buhler

From his early years growing up on the farm and raising a family, to managing the Mid-Kansas Credit Union and now living at Sunshine Meadows Retirement Community, Art Dick has never given one thought to living anywhere but Buhler.

“I grew up in Buhler, and it’s always been home. I don’t think it ever even entered my mind to live anywhere else,” said Art.

The Dick family’s commitment to Buhler has been handed down through generations. His father served on the school board for many years, and he impressed young Art by winning raffle prizes on Saturday nights with all of the tickets he’d gathered from “buying local” in Buhler. “It’s was a close-knit community, and everybody knew each other,” he said. “The big thing for Buhler was Saturday nights, when the farmers all would quit a little early, go to town, and sit around by the grocery store to visit. Before we’d go home we’d get ice cream.” He contributed to the festivities by playing trombone in the city band.

A football-related collarbone break led him to a doctor’s office in Hutchinson, where a young receptionist caught his eye. “I’d seen Eva before, but I knew then that she was the one for me.” He attended Bethel College while she completed nurses training, and then they began their life together farming and raising a family.

Art enjoyed going to the co-op every morning to drink coffee in back room of the elevator office. “They’d put a coffee pot on, and we’d put money in a container to donate to the library. They’d keep changing the sign to show how much we’d donated, and in the end it was over $700.” Perhaps that was the first step in what is now known as the Buhler Community Foundation.

“I’ve been very active in donating to the community, and I’ve contributed quite a bit of funds to the Foundation. I have appreciated being part of the community, and giving back through the Foundation is a wonderful thing. I enjoy seeing what’s being done with that money in the community.”