Building a Legacy for Buhler

The Buhler Community Endowment (Fund for Buhler) was launched on August 23, 2009, to build a permanent charitable fund for the future needs and growth of our community. Read more in the Fall 2012 Newsletter.

What is an Endowment?

Money and assets given to the Buhler Community Endowment are invested and the earnings from the investment are put back into the community each year in the form of grants.  Since 2010, the Buhler Community Fund has made a variety of  grants to improve our community including: to help provide ovens at the Buhler Senior Center, downtown beautification, library renovations, equipment for the wellness center, a disk golf course in Wheatland Park, supplies for Citizenship day at Buhler High School, and many more.

The Challenge

It is important to build the Buhler Community Endowment Fund so the earnings will be enough to meet some of the future needs of the community.  The advisory board has set a five-year goal of $500,000.
Until 2017, all gifts to the fund will be matched fifty-cents on the dollar by the Kansas Health Foundation. To date, Buhler Community Foundation has received just under $145,000 in matching funds, bringing our total remaining available match to $125,000.
Please consider a gift today.

You can even commit monthly deductions straight from your bank account. Please contact our staff at Hutchinson Community Foundation to set up a monthly bank draft.
For more information about BCF, please contact a member of the advisory board.