Buhler Fund Grows

Buhler Fund Grows By the Month and By the Moo

Growing the Buhler Community Endowment Fund to $500,000 by 2017 takes both commitment and creativity, and two Buhler families have answered the call with unique ways to give.

Galen and Judy Banz: Cattle

BanzRather than giving cash, Galen and Judy Banz opted to donate cattle. For them, it was a pledge that fit with their lifestyle, and because the market price went up between donation and sale, the community fund benefitted that much more.

Hilarie and Shane Hecox: Automatic Donations

HecoxSimply put, the Hecox family is busy. For them, it was easiest to have a modest sum automatically withdrawn from their checking account each month. ďItís great because we donít have to think about it, and over time each little bit adds up,Ē said Hilarie.