GROW II: Powerful Match for Endowed Gifts

Through Giving Resources to Our World (GROW), Kansas Health Foundation  works with community foundations throughout Kansas to ensure local resources remain local, and helps build local philanthropic leadership and resources that will result in long-term, sustained health improvements in communities throughout the state.

Based on the success of this initiative, Kansas Health Foundation is now in the second chapter of its work with community foundations, GROW II.  Through this program, through 2017, all gifts to the Buhler Community Endowment Fund will be matched fifty cents on the dollar by Kansas Health Foundation. Provided certain bench marks are reached, they will match up to $300,000. 

An endowed gift becomes a permanent source of income. The invested principle stays in the fund and the income it earns supports the cause.

  • Endowed gifts to the Fund for Buhler earn a 50 percent match.
  • Endowed gifts to donor-advised funds earn a 25 percent match.
  • Endowed gifts to organization funds earn a 25 percent match.
Yours is a powerful gift when endowed to a fund at your Community Foundation!