Working together to strengthen the community

Attorneys, accountants, financial planners, insurance agents and other professionals who have relationships with donors are our valued partners in charitable giving. You and your colleagues refer more than 75 percent of our new donors to the Community Foundation and we work diligently to help you serve as your clients' trusted advisor on charitable planning issues. 

As professional advisors, you are in the unique position to offer a wide range of choices to your clients who may or may not know that they are looking for a charitable giving option. We know that your role in guiding them to philanthropic opportunities that match their passions is invaluable. And we are here to be a resource for you.

Many times people with wealth are actively and generously involved in the community, but when they make their financial plans, they either don't know their options or simply don't think of including charitable donations. And it is often up to you to bring up the topic. To help determine if it's the right decision for your clients, we've put together some tips for talking with clients about planned giving.

Additionally, in our capacity as a resource to you, we are readily available to assist with a variety of services to help meet your clients' goals. And, we've put together a variety of resources and forms that you may find helpful. 

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Aubrey Abbott Patterson.