Transfer of Wealth

Five percent of your wealth can make all the difference

A Wichita State University study estimated that more than $1.7 billion in wealth will be passed from one generation to the next in Reno County between 2004 and 2020.  With our next generation often living in other communities, states and countries, much of the wealth will leave our community as it passes down.  

Buhler Community Foundation encourages people to think about estate planning and consider leaving 5 percent of their estate to charities or organizations right here in Buhler.

We believe 5 percent is a modest part of your estate—a piece that your children won't miss. Leave it here to your favorite charities and organizations, and know that it's hard at work improving the quality of life for everyone in our community. Learn about the Keep 5 in Kansas campaign, and hear a few stories of people across our state who have already made a big impact through planned giving to their local community foundations. 

Many local donors have already made the 5% commitment — or more.  They did so with strong estate planning and this simple form that tells the Community Foundation how to administer their charitable legacy.