Make the greatest impact with your giving

Our role is to make philanthropy effective and simple for you, so that the causes you're passionate about get the most benefit. Whether you want to organize and focus your giving, support a specific cause, help make Buhler better for future generations, provide scholarships for students or give a helping hand to people in need, the Buhler Community Foundation can help. At Buhler CF, we offer many different options for your giving, and we can tailor strategies to your situation. 

How it works

We offer a variety of personalized services to make the process simple and easy. 

  • You can make donations in a variety of ways.
  • With our extensive knowledge of the city of Buhler, we help you make the biggest impact on the well-being of our community. 
  • You can choose to give now through a variety of established charitable funds, or you can establish a new fund. You can also specify the Community Foundation to manage and distribute charitable gifts in your will or trust, so that you can be sure your wishes are carried out.  
  • We are able to receive and manage many kinds of assets, including cash, stock, farm land, real estate and other assets.

If you wish to start a fund or you have questions about making a contribution, please contact Lindsey Fields, BCF Coordinator, or Aubrey Abbott Patterson, President of the Hutchinson Community Foundation.